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1993 Received BSc in Design From Tel-Aviv University
1993-1996 Commercial Interior Design G.Levy . Tel-Aviv
1996-2001 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Tel-Aviv
2001-2005 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. London, UK
2006-2008 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Tel-Aviv
2008 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Waiheke Island, NZ

Buildings have weight; they are made out of solid materials, they are present and house real activities for real people. In a world that is increasingly about representation and imitation, buildings still holds the potential to ground human experience.


Design is a wonderful thing, among many other wonderful things in this world; and your house is how you live, not just how it looks.

On the other hand, a good design is what makes you smile when you open the door. So it's really important, which is why I love my job. Really. The process of designing your home could be enjoyable. It is nice to remember that building your house is building your dream. As a designer, my aim is to help my clients achieve their goals.


I studied design in Tel Aviv University, received Bsc degree in 1994 and working as a spatial designer since.

In the early part of my career I designed commercial projects, restaurants, retail, offices and residential. First in Israel, and then in England, were I lived with my family; working with international clients on high-end residential projects. Moving to NZ in 2008; I co-founded my Spatial Design practice here, working on residential and commercial projects; mainly in Auckland and Waiheke Island; and continues my design consultancy work for my long-time clients abroad.

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