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1993 Received BSc in Design From Tel-Aviv University
1993-1996 Commercial Interior Design G.Levy . Tel-Aviv
1996-2001 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Tel-Aviv
2001-2005 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. London, UK
2006-2008 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Tel-Aviv
2008 Michelle Ben Zur Spatial Design. Waiheke Island, NZ

10 things you need to know about me before you take me to design your space:


1. I don't think that design is sacred. I don't think of designed spaces as "shrines" and I'm not a priest. Design is a wonderful thing among many other wonderful things in the world, and your house is how you live, not just how it looks.


2. On the other hand, a good design is what makes you smile when you open the door after a long day. So it's really important, which is why I love my job. Really.


3. No, I don't know the answer in advance. I love to have doubts. There is nothing like the process of introduction, learning and growing with the customer. So if I am not sufficiently decisive about which tiles to choose - It's probably because there are a few good options.


4. I don't know how to design an ultra modern white house. Yes, I know this is a trend going strong and it looks very sophisticated, and there are lots of shops that this is 'their thing'. I'm too diverse for that, if this is what you're aiming, you should probably consider taking another designer.


5. I really like materials. I believe in them. Wood, stone, concrete, leather, flex, cotton, linen, bamboo, marble, ceramic, paper, iron, steel, glass, shells, wool, tin, stucco, canvas. Sometimes it's all it takes.


6. Home is a never-ending process. A house is designed up to a certain point and continues to thrive, to grow and develop with life itself. I only stop at one point to take photos for my portfolio.


7. Good design can be achieved with any budget. My role is to offer you where to put the "big bucks". Every project can compromise on certain items in exchange for a piece of furniture, an object or a clever detail, a really really clever one that will do the job.


8. My favorite part of the project is the building process itself. Drink coffee with the builder, meeting the engineer to get construction details right, decide together with the tiler where to begin tiling, working on the details with the cabinet builder. Yes yes, even at eight in the morning. And if you are asking; white, no sugar, please.


9. You're welcome to challenge me. What about the a pink bath? Floral wallpaper? Red chandelier? I'm not pushing, but if this is something you consider, ask me, don't hesitate, I'm ready...


10. Oh, and if you chose to work with me, then much chance that we'll become friends.


So now that you know all this, if I'm right for you, call.

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